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About Us

Welcome to Pro Tour Nutrition

To deliver a consistently top-notch performance, you need to be at peak levels. As a company created by musicians for musicians, we believe that taking care of yourself as a musician translates directly into feeling amazing every single day, whether you are performing once a month or 300 days a year. YOU DESERVE THE BEST. Pro Tour is a Nashville-based nutrition brand that provides the best in health and wellness for individuals in the music industry who face a unique set of challenges and needs on a daily basis. Our commitment is to you - - serving you with high-quality solutions to everyday challenges in a way that is both affordable and offers the best results possible. We are here to serve and offer the leading source for the solutions to you for excelling in the music industry.

Our Philosophy
As a company, we believe that each musician is a whole being and should have the right and opportunity to care for their bodies in a specific way that their industry requires in order to be at peak performance consistently. Understanding that mental and physical health make up a person who can be a rockstar both professionally and personally, we use high-grade plants and herbs to source our ingredients, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product possible. What we use internally also needs to translate to external results and support, and that is exactly what Pro Tour Nutrition does. 

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Our Core Beliefs
We understand the demands of the music industry. We’ve been there and we’ve asked the questions, so the supplements we bring to you are the best troubleshooters for the specific challenges you face as a musician or an individual who needs to be on so they have the best performance possible. We believe in clarity in your wellness. You should be able to trust in the company that supports you with supplements selected from the very best plants and herbs that include the highest grade vitamins, amino acids, and minerals so you to stay healthy and feel great while performing. That's why at Pro Tour Nutrition we take responsibility in providing you with the best formulas and ingredients to get the results you want while keeping our products affordable and made in the good 'ol USA.
Making life amazing is an inside-out game. It starts with how you feel and we believe you should keep having fun doing what you love while staying excited about your journey.  We will do everything in our power to give you that opportunity because we LOVE doing what we do and to know we had a small part keeping you on the track to greatness puts a smile on our face  😊.

Quality Commitment 
All Pro Tour Nutrition products are manufactured in the USA. We utilize all FDA registered and inspected facilities to manufacture all of our products, which is something we will never compromise on. The facilities we use are also credentialed in stringent Good Manufacturing Process Standards to ensure nothing is compromised in the manufacturing and creation of our products. 
Commitment to the Community
We take immense pride in the fact that community is extremely important to us - both locally, with our founders calling Nashville home, and with the majority of our team living and working in the United States. From our customer satisfaction team to our sales representatives and creative team, we are committed to keeping our team stateside. In addition, we work with various non-profits to continue to support children in music. 

Commitment to our Customers
In everything we do we at Pro Tour Nutrition, we strive to put our excellent customer care and satisfaction as the biggest outcome of each interaction, each transaction, and each new product we develop. You, our customer, are the source of our greatest inspiration and support, for which we have such appreciation. We vow to keep you in the forefront of Pro Tour and we appreciate that you believe in and trust us to deliver to you the best products for musicians and individuals in the music industry. We promise to continue to develop new and essential supplement blends to cater to your unique needs. Feel free to reach out to our customer satisfaction team to share with us your favorite Pro Tour supplement and what the awesome experiences you’ve had with it! And, as always, if you have any questions or challenges, we would love to help you out. SImply reach out to our Pro Tour Nutrition team  at support[at]protournutrition.com!

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
As we are committed to giving you the best products with the highest quality ingredients, we’re certain you’re going to love them and get phenomenal changes in your health. Because we believe in walking the walking and talking the talk, we back up our products with a 60-day money-back guarantee for all of our supplements. Simply email us at support[at]protournutrition.com for customer support. 
If you’re unsatisfied with a product simply write us a quick email letting us know what about the product didn’t work for you and send us back the bottle along with your order number within 60 days of ordering it. In the email subject line put “Refund Request.” After those things are done, we will issue you a refund promptly.