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Did Ed Sheeran Really Forget His Lyrics While Performing Live?


by Muse en Lystrala

As some of you may have heard, well-known singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, an english singer-songwriter and record producer, gaffed onstage a few days ago, forgetting the lyrics to his own song. Handling it like a true pro, Sheeran simply laughed and went on with his performance.

Ed Sheeran singer songwriter grammy winner goofs

Some news outlets reported, 'He just messed up on live TV!' Nervous Ed Sheeran suffers on air blunder as he FORGETS the lyrics to his own song during Comic Relief performance.

His latest album ÷ (Divide) broke Adele's record when it sold 432,000 copies in just three days outselling the entire UK Top 200 twice over.

While Sheeran faced more than a few unfriendly remarks about his mess-up, there's a deeper issue lurking here: that of performance anxiety, which even the most accomplished musicians face.        

Performance anxiety affects a large number of musicians, and that anxiety can have a range of different physiological effects from trouble breathing, accelerated heart rate, cold sweats, shaky knees, and, yes, even forgetting lyrics or what you planned to say before, during, or after a show. It is also hallmarked by negative self talk – putting yourself down, denigrating your achievements, or just flat-out insistence that what you're about to do is a bad idea.        

And yet performance anxiety can be overcome by a variety of methods. Here are just a few:

  1. Positive self-talk is a must – it helps you override that nagging voice in the back of your head that makes you doubt your own capability.
  2. Reducing stress before a gig by exercising, doing some yoga, or meditating before a gig can tame your body's stress response and help you take the stage feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready.
  3. For recurring performance anxiety sufferers, look for a supplement that has herbal mood and stress support ingredients like chamomile, valerian root, and magnesium. Check out ProTour Nutrition’s herbal supplement called Smooth Jazzz which can help calm hyperactive nerves and reduce negative self-talk.

Smooth Jazzz Chill Pill Natural Supplement Anti-Anxiety      

I invite Mr. Sheeran to hit the mat and pop a Smooth Jazzz before his next show, and to keep on delivering us his beautiful sounds – stress-free.

Rock on Ed!

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